Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

Trash Talk (Everything You Need to Know)

October 01, 2019 Someone Talked Media Season 1 Episode 10
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
Trash Talk (Everything You Need to Know)
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast and we are lucky to have Becky Robinson and Willie Puz from the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) on the show to be pelted by all our questions about the new solid waste collection contract. There are some changes to the way things have traditionally been done so this is one of our more necessary and helpful podcasts to date. We specifically focus how things change in our area so listen closely – you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the new rules! For any other questions, concerns call SWA at 561-697-2700 or find them online at www.SWA.org

01:16 – RECYCLING isn’t changing but we get into all the do’s and don’ts of this Thursday tradition 

02:36 – What goes in the blue bin? Lids on or off?

11:30 – What goes in the yellow bin? Does your Pizza box get recycled?

14:19 – What numbers 1-7 are recyclable and what about Styrofoam and plastic bags.

16:30 – What to do with Batteries? 

17:22 – More things you should NOT recycle

19:49 – THE NEW TRASH RECEPTACLE is mandatory to use for trash

24:07 – What if the 96 Gallon cart doesn’t work for your family?

27:52 – What about BULK items? What are the changes, what can I put out? 

30:10 – YARD VEGETATION WASTE – How much can I put out at a time?

35:07 – 6 cubic yards of yard waste is the maximum that can be put out at any one time

37:21 – What if my waste isn’t being picked up? 561-697-2700 or www.SWA.org

40:22 – How should my vegetation be cut to conform to SWA rules? 

42:17 – What about empty lots or land clearing an area? 

44:24 – What about illegal dumping? 

50:19 – Lots with secondary structures may be entitled to additional benefits 

51:21 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: 10/8 JFR Meeting at 7pm, 10/12 Talking Trash at the Pavilion, 10/23 SIRWCD Board Meeting, Until 10/15 you can pre-order your Christmas Trees, 

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