Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

All Things Water with SIRWCD's John Meyer

November 01, 2019 Someone Talked Media Season 1 Episode 11
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
All Things Water with SIRWCD's John Meyer
Show Notes

On this month’s edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast we feature John Meyer, from the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD). We talk all things John, his background in government and his tenure on the Board. We also discuss… 

00:40 – John takes us through his life & times as a government employee and a sitting Board Member of SIRWCD

03:54 – John is focusing most of his energy on Jupiter Farms’ water infrastructure 

04:45 – The amount of water events happening in JF has been a big change for John

06:00 – Here’s a quick refresher on our water management system in the Farms

08:55 – Water is supposed to gather in your yards – that’s how the system is designed 

10:53 – SIRWCD works closely with South Florida Water Management District 

13:18 – Think of Jupiter Farms as a Golf Ball with dimples    

14:41 – Exciting projects coming from SIRWCD

15:12 – The Driveway Culvert Replacement Program 

16:42 – SIRWCD changed the rules pertaining to bringing in inordinate amount of fill 

20:47 – But where will the water go? SIRWCD looked into building a man-made lake and other ways to retain water

25:49 – SIRWICD has a major initiative to revitalize Jupiter Farms aging and, in some places, broken drainage system

29:55 – Keeping our water quality high may help pay for in part some of the major work that needs to be done. 

32:39 – They are working on a comprehensive plan at how ALL the water is being managed in this area – biggest upgrade since 1923

36:02 – If you’re having an issue with water drainage on your property – call SIRWCD before you do anything (could end up saving you thousands of dollars in savings) The District is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Landowners are welcome to visit or call 561-747-0550 during office hours.

37:15 – Send Kristen cookie cutters if at all possible – she really needs them

38:45 – Any concerns or questions about SIRWCD – think about attending a Board meeting!

39:49 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Nov. 9th Talking Trash Community Cleanup at 8am, Nov. 12th JFR Meeting 7pm at the Pavilion, November 16th don’t miss the JFR Hoedown from noon-5pm, Nov. 21stSIRWCD Monthly Meeting at 7pm at the Pavilion, Dec. 7th the Christmas Trees go on sale! 

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