Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

Keep Jupiter Farms Clean

December 01, 2019 Someone Talked Media Season 1 Episode 12
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
Keep Jupiter Farms Clean
Show Notes

This month we have a very special Holiday edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast… well sort of. If you’re looking to give the gift of environmental friendliness, litter activism and reusable gift ideas then you’re in the right place. We’re very fortunate to have as guests this month Kathy Moore of Talking Trash and Elana Smith and Stephen Smith of One World – Zero Waste in Tequesta. 

You can find more https://www.oneworld-zerowaste.com or visit their store located at:

One World Zero Waste

354 S. Cypress Drive Unit 1

Tequesta, Florida 33469

Or call them at: 561-285-8511 

TALKING TRASH does trash cleanup around the Farms once a month, most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-7550

00:34 – We’re looking at polar opposites of trash in the Farms this month. Removing trash in the Farms with Kathy Moore and Talking Trash, which goes out there each month picking up trash around town and preventing trash from being created talking to Stephen and Elana of the retail store, One World – Zero Waste. 

01:24 – Stephen & Elana explain what One World – Zero Waste is all about – providing the community with alternative products to stop using single use plastic products that create so many problems in our environment (and end up getting picked up by Kathy). Items like reusable un-paper towels, and cloth diapers are some popular items in the store. 

08:45 – Kathy Moore cleans up the plastic and trash thrown out on the roads in Jupiter Farms. Where is this trash coming from? Is the problem getting worse? And thanks to Kathy’s sponsors she offers great prizes and rewards to the kids and adults taking part in her monthly clean-ups. And boy do they find some crazy things when doing the clean-ups. And for kids needing community service hours it’s a great way to get those accomplished as well. 

17:23 – Elana and Stephen have attempted to live their lives at zero waste – here are some of the hardest things to give up. For instance, they don’t have a garbage can in their house – how do they survive?!? You don’t have to go zero waste – just start with a few things and see how much less you can waste.

20:02 – We can all get a few bags and use them when shopping at the super market. 

22:28 – Can we go towards zero waste because it’s the right thing to do or do we need government intervention? 

25:07 – Going zero-waste ends up saving you potentially hundreds of dollars annually. 

30:02 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: NO JFR Meeting in December, Sat. Dec. 7th JFR Christmas Tree sale goes on at 9am, Dec. 15th Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade at 1pm with craft fair, Dec. 19th SIRWCD Board Meeting at 7pm in the pavilion, watch out for JF Shootout tickets going on sale (we’re also looking for more sponsors for this amazing event).

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