Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

All Things Permits with Doug Wise

January 01, 2020 Someone Talked Media Season 2 Episode 1
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
All Things Permits with Doug Wise
Show Notes

We have with us a very special guest, Doug Wise, the Director of Palm Beach County’s Division of Building. There is a huge amount of information and a huge amount of misinformation regarding the Building Division and what needs a permit and why permitting is important. 

Don’t get your information from some guy or gal on Facebook – let’s go straight to the source. The Division of Building is where you get your permits when building on or changing your property.

For any additional information, questions, concerns go to www.pbcgov.com  or www.pbcgov.org  

Or EMAIL: pzb-building@pbcgov.org

01:58 – What needs to get permitted and what can I do without a permit? Like fences, sheds, driveway paving, pond filling, patio paving, pool decks and much, much more. 

08:39 – Getting a permit is not optional. It’s the law (even in Jupiter Farms) and you wouldn’t want something to come back to haunt you.

10:15 – What does County do if they discover something on my land that wasn’t permitted or that has expired permits? When is it possible to get a variance? 

16:32 – What you should do to protect yourself when buying a home. Here’s an example of an ideal way to go about buying a home. 

19:07 – What do you do if you are aware of unpermitted work going on? 

20:07 – What are my setbacks based on and how do I know what mine are? 

22:08 – Why can’t I fill my pond or bring in fill to prevent yard flooding without a permit? 

27:47 – What do you do if you witness illegal filling, especially on the weekend? 

30:38 – Why is permitting important. Spoiler alert – it saves lives & increases home value. Insurance also won’t cover some work without it being permitted. 

32:44 – Guess what, water heater replacement needs a permit.

33:44 – Some items like water heaters, burglar alarm and electric fences have stickers as “pre-permits” to get the permit faster and for less money. 

35:32 – Are “Mother-in-Law” dwellings legal, and do they need to be attached to the main home?

36:50 – Doug shares some of the scariest things he’s ever encountered. 

43:28 – Email Doug if you think you’re getting bad information from regular channels: dwise@pbcgov.org

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