Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

Soccer Complex & JF Land Use Regs

February 01, 2020 Someone Talked Media Season 2 Episode 2
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
Soccer Complex & JF Land Use Regs
Show Notes

We take a deep dive into the Soccer Complex being proposed at the corner of Indiantown and Rocky Pines. With us to share her institutional knowledge is Susan Kennedy of the Jupiter Farms Environmental Council and the JFR Advisory Board. This Soccer complex is massive folks, way denser than any other “park” in the county. We go through the proposed complex, break down the land use and zoning code and explain why this particular proposal has no business being developed in Jupiter Farms. 

THANK YOU, to the over 350 residents who came out last month to voice your opinion on the proposal. It was needed then and will be needed again in April, culminating at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on April 29th.

We also get into the history of Jupiter Farms development and explain why our land use and zoning rules are in place and why it is so important that we not allow our RR10 [Rural Residential 10 (1 housing unit per 10 acres)] and Ag RSA status to be altered. That’s not even mentioning how our work is intended to preserve the natural lands and parks surrounding Jupiter Farms. 

10:05 – This area has historically always been an agricultural-based community and since the 1980’s we’ve fought to keep it that way.

19:02 – A Commercial Recreational proposal has come to town that would require major land use rule changes for it to be built. Unlike everything else in JF this proposal does not have an agricultural intent behind it. 

24:24 – What if the County Commission okays the Soccer Complex proposal? What would happen next? What if it is actually built, would that open the flood gates of commercial construction on Indiantown Road?

39:49 – Other projects have gotten in that JFR opposed – we fought them tooth and nail but sometimes, especially if the community hasn’t come out in force inappropriate things get through. 

42:45 - Thanks to Susan Kennedy and others who came out using their institutional knowledge to benefit and preserve Jupiter Farms. 

45:00 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: JFR’s Monthly Meeting happens February 11th , 2 Talkin’ Trash Cleanups this leap month on February 1st and February 29th both at 8am, SIRWCD Meeting on February 20thand remember our third annual JFR Shootout is on February 8th

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