Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

Be in the Know with eFirstAlert

March 01, 2020 Someone Talked Media Season 2 Episode 3
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
Be in the Know with eFirstAlert
Show Notes

This month we’re happy to welcome Jim Kovalsky of www.eFirstAlert.com  

 When an emergency strikes, there’s nothing more comforting than having the support of your friends and family.

 eFirstAlert’s single address notifications can automatically notify anyone you want if there is an emergency at a specific address.  Once you register an address with their service, they monitor every fire rescue dispatch, and if emergency responders are sent they'll alert you before the responders even arrive at the door.

00:30 – Jim explains what eFirstAlert is and what events you’ll be alerted to (within a 2-mile radius) of what type of first responders are being dispatched. 

05:36 – Jim tells us eFirstAlert was a passion project that came from his knowledge of computer science and his work as a volunteer firefighter 

07:52 – You no longer need to call the fire department or turn to Facebook to figure out what’s going on around you. Your alert will be sent directly to your inbox. 

09:30 – There is a business-tier version of eFirstAlert that many news reporting outlets utilize. 

10:43 - Jim Kovalsky is also the guy behind Honestware tech support.

11:08 – When using eFirstAlert, be aware that the address associated with the event may not be where the actual issue is. And just because units have been dispatched doesn’t mean there is an actual issue – could be a false alarm.

12:57 – PLEASE, make sure your written address is visible – especially at night! Those with reflective numbers will save crucial seconds when it really counts.

15:03 – If you have an emergency in your home, now your neighbors can be alerted (and may be able to help). This is all public information, no one’s privacy is being compromised. 

17:07 – Sign up now – this is a FREE service because its supported by local business sponsorship. And new features are in the works.

20:57 – Jim goes through some of the stations that dispatch in different areas. 

22:29 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR:   Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting Tuesday, March 10th at 7pm, March 14th SIRWCD Land Owners Day BBQ at 11:30am at the District Office, March 19th SIRWCD Monthly Board of Supervisors Meeting at 7pm at the Pavilion, March 21st Talkin’ Trash Community Cleanup at 8am at the Pavilion, on April 4th TWO EVENTS IN ONE – Spring Family Fun Day at 11am and at 4pm the Music Festival kicks off, both at the Pavilion.

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