Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast

Commissioner Karen Marcus Returns!

June 01, 2020 Someone Talked Media Season 2 Episode 6
Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast
Commissioner Karen Marcus Returns!
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This week the marvelous Susan Kennedy joins the regular group of Matt, Jillian and Kristen and we have a very special guest, former Palm Beach County Commissioner of District 1 Karen Marcus.  

02:06 – If you appreciate all the natural wildlands and accessible beaches near the Farms, Karen is one of the main people you should thank for protecting them. Karen was originally elected to the commission in 1984.

05:31 – The bond program and the comprehensive plan were two key elements Karen helped implement to protect The Farms. Many of the lands we take for granted that are protected were purchased by the county under Karen’s watch. Places including Loxahatchee Slough were protected instead of putting Florida Atlantic University out there. 

11:44 – How “protected” are the wildlands surrounding Jupiter Farms? Can development still threaten the character of our area? 

18:56 – Is there anything that can be done to educate County Commissioners on the unique nature and characteristics of Jupiter Farms? 

20:35 -   Karen is proud to be a part of getting Scripps Research in the Jupiter area.

22:33 – The greatest challenges facing the North County right now are… 

24:12- Karen explains why Jupiter Farms was designated as a “rural tier” 

25:12 – Karen weighs in on the Soccer Complex battle and what must be done to protect against it.

28:28 – Karen has decided to come out of retirement and run for her old seat for a very good reason. The election is August 18th.  

34:39 – Karen talks about the importance of going out and experiencing the lands the county considers purchasing. 

38:16 – Beach preservation has been a major issue for Karen and she sees it as a big issue going forward.

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